Freelance photographer born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas. Inspired by cultures, textures, travel and people. Spending time in Europe has given me a broader world view: the experience impacts how I shoot photography. 

I previously taught 4.5 years C.E. Photography at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. I instructed 4.5 years at Collin College in Plano Texas and 1 year at the College of Southern Nevada. I've returned to Collin College Plano, Texas to teach C.E. Photography classes Spring 2021. I worked as a food photographer/critic for Cozymeal out of San Francisco for 3 years. Recently I was invited to instruct classes at the Otis School of Art and Design (Extension Spring 2021) In Los Angeles, California (online). I've had photography exhibits all over Texas, and Canada of architecture shot in Europe. 

My free time is spent hanging out in San Diego, Vancouver and Montreal, Canada, cycling, hiking, and simply enjoying the outdoors. I am hoping to return to Europe fall 2021 provided COVID is under control. 

I also spend my free time tutoring students on the following links: