Come join me in online, or in person sessions at Collin College on how to start or cultivate your photography business, market your work, or just learn how to shoot landscape/architecture, learning how to get more creative, or just chronicling the randomness of street photography, and much more. 


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Collin College C. E. Photography Courses offered Summer/Fall 2021 * These are classes taught online, or in person by V. Thomas.


Presenting and Marketing Your Photographs: 

Develop an understanding of how to promote your work, both print and digital. Learn effective ways to utilize social media, direct mail campaigns, and how to create a powerful webpage. Understanding the do's and don't's of a website design. Creating a marketing strategy and looking at successful business models, and much more. 

Building A Photography Business:

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to own, and run a successful photography business. Students will understand pricing, copyright, as well as effective marketing strategies. Learn how to write an estimate, contract, understand negotiating, how to create a budget, and much more. 

Street Photography: 

Street photography, sometimes called "Considered Documentary Photography" is a very broad title for many types of photography. This course will explore many of the various styles. Develop a comfort level of shooting on the street, capturing interesting scenes, and events. You will see the street photography work of Henri Cartier Bresson, Eric Kim, Dorthea Lange, William Klein, and many others. You will learn about the various styles of street photography, and learn to tell a story with your work. (2 field trips)

Architecture and Landscape Photography:

Photograph stunning architecture and landscapes images. You will learn what lenses to use and the best time of day to shoot. You will learn the difference between architecture and abstract architecture.  You will be introduced to to the elements of design, composition, lighting, time of day, and lear to cultivate your visual perspective. You will develop an understanding of how to utilize the horizon line in landscape photography to bring the viewers eye to the subject in the image. (2 field trips.)

Digital Photography Learning to See Creatively:

Learn how to see photography, creatively. If you have creator's block, this class will introduce techniques that you can use to unlock your creative side. We will explore the motivators for our pioneers in photography and explore various methods with the camera that can create creative images. We will dissect the work of several photographers, to help you develop an insight on how to pull from real life experiences, and to see past the obvious. (1 field trip)

Foundations in Photographic Style:

Understanding how we arrived at the digital age in photography, learning about the photographers, the pioneers that formed the styles, and techniques that we use today. Placing the aesthetic, documentary, commercial, and technical aspects of photography in historical context.

Digital Photography Basics:

Learn the basics of digital photography in this hands-on course designed for those with limited knowledge of digital camera techniques, or those students that need a refresher.  The focus will be on understanding shutter speed, aperture and how they work together. Students will develop an understanding of  white balance, ISO, depth of field, and much more. 

Advanced Digital Photography:

This course will be a continuation of the skills learned in the digital photography basics course. Students will learn how to shoot various types of photography, and the gear needed to do so. (2 field trips)

Night and Low Light Photography:

This course will be a continuation of the skills learned in the digital photography basics course. Students will learn how to shoot  in night and low light scenarios, they will learn the gear needed and the proper camera.  (2 field trips)