Come join me online at Otis College of Art and Design on how to shoot food photography. Learn how to get more creative, or just learn the randomness of shooting street photography, and much more. 


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Otis College of Art and Design Extension Courses offered Spring/Summer 2021 * These are classes taught online, by V. Thomas.


Food Photography: 

This course will provide an in-depth study of how to photograph food, students will learn the equipment used for food photography, composition, and lighting. Students will learn the difference between artificial lighting and natural lighting and develop an understanding of which works best. This course will enhance visual communication skills, to push students to think critically. Students will understand the value of food styling, working with chefs to understand plating skills. Students will learn the difference between editorial, and commercial food photography. Students will evaluate their work, and the work of their peers, there will be discussions after each evaluation. There will be demonstrations of lighting set ups. Students will be introduced to various food photography styles.

Street Photography:

Street photography is a broad concept within photography, with documentary photography as a common thread. This course explores various styles of street photography, while focusing on pioneers such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Bernice Abbott, Gary Winogrand, Gordon Parks, and many more. Students learn camera and lens options, compositional approaches, and design elements. Through assignments, discussion, demos, and studio time, students explore and increase their comfort level of shooting random scenes, and events on the street. Topics include legal issues, such as what and where you can shoot, when a model release is needed, and how to acquire permissions.